10 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Owned Cars That Will Always Turn Heads


Comedian and TV host Jay Leno’s car collection is very well documented thanks to “Jay Leno’s Garage,” and he owns so many gems that singling out one is tricky. However, his McLaren F1 is certainly a highlight, if nothing else because he’s one of the few famous faces to own one that hasn’t crashed it. Elon Musk infamously wrecked his example while showing off to his business partner, and Rowan Atkinson crashed his F1 — not once but twice — before selling it on.

Leno has thankfully avoided such mishaps, although, as he proved in his review of the car for his YouTube channel, he’s not afraid to wring as much power out of it as possible on the road. While it’s extremely unlikely Leno will decide to sell the car, if he ever did, he could expect a healthy return on his initial investment. In 2021, a clean example sold for more than $20 million, and with such a renowned owner, Leno’s example might well fetch that or more if it ever crossed the auction block.

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