10 Of The Best Kid-Friendly Tablets That Are Worth Every Penny


A big problem with many tablets is losing most functionality as soon as you’re out of range of Wi-Fi. This is where cellular-enabled tablets come in handy. For the fastest cellular speeds available, a 5G-enabled tablet will offer the best speeds. However, the 5G tablet game is mostly dominated by Apple’s iPad Air. For a compelling iPad Air alternative, the best available will be the TCL Tab 10 5G.

As specs go, the TCL Tab 10 5G isn’t truly anything special, so if you’re looking for any out-of-this-world special hardware features, the TCL Tab 10 5G probably isn’t the best choice available. However, TCL’s 5G tablet offers a good enough display with expandable storage using MicroSD in addition to great battery life. The tablet’s long-lasting battery life ensures that children can enjoy uninterrupted learning and entertainment. Combined with the 5G capabilities, this tablet is perfect for long car rides, after-school activities, and any other extended periods of use.

Perhaps the biggest trouble with the TCL Tab 10 5G is its availability. Currently, you can only purchase the tablet from T-Mobile, Metro, and C Spire. However, the price tag more than makes up for the less-than-stellar availability. The TCL Tab 10 5G is $299.99 from T-Mobile.

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