11 Best Lipsticks for Older Women 2023, According to Makeup Artists


Other heavy hitters in the world of moisturizing ingredients are emollients like shea butter and cocoa butter, which both work to soften dry cracks and blur the appearance of fine lines. These ingredients are also responsible for giving your lipstick formulas that easy-gliding application. In terms of what to avoid, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Erin B. Guth recommends steering clear of matte lipstick formulas, as they’re drier in consistency and may highlight fine lines.

Aside from seeking out more nourishing ingredients for your maturing lips, your application technique plays a role. To enhance the look of your lips, start with a clear lip balm to prime and prep the area. “Primers are a great way to ensure that the products stay in place, and can prevent feathering which can draw attention to fine lines,” Guth says. After lip primer, she recommends using a lip pencil one to two shades darker than your natural lip color to slightly overdraw and give the illusion of bigger lips (try the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner for this step). Fill in your lips with your lipstick of choice, pop a bit of a lighter shade to the middle of the lips to highlight, and voil√†! Instantly plump-looking lips.

Ahead, we spoke to our makeup artist friends to find out the best lipsticks for older women.

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