12 Best October Lego Prime Day Deals (2023)


“What?” you ask, slowly blinking. Didn’t we already have Prime Day? Have you fallen into a wormhole through space and time where every day is Prime Day? (Ssshhh! Don’t give Amazon any ideas!) The second Prime Day of 2023 is called Prime Big Deal Days and runs through October 11. 

This mid-October timing is perfect for those of us who are parents and have just started thinking about shopping for holiday presents. If you have a Lego enthusiast (or several!) in your life, big sales events are a great time to pick up brand-new Lego sets (which can be quite expensive). Yes, Lego bricks are made of plastic. Still, they tend to get reused, saved, and resold quite often. Lego also has licenses with every major entertainment franchise. They’re great gifts for the budding fan in your life.

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Updated October 11: We’ve added two new deals on Lego’s Icons Flower sets, and removed a few dead deals.

We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically throughout the sale event.

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The Best Lego Deals

Photograph: Amazon

This BTS-themed set comes with seven minifigs of the various bandmates. The set itself is reminiscent of the music video for Dynamite—sorry if that song is stuck in your head now.

Rescue the princess with this castle set. It comes with five figures and sweet details like a stained-glass window and a Time Block. The set is compatible with others in the series.

This is not the enormous, 6,000-piece collectible set for adults, but the 1,267-piece set for kids. Still, it’s a 40th-anniversary edition and commemorative theme sets tend to increase in value if you don’t open them and hold them for a few years. If you can convince yourself to do that.

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At 6 and 8, my kids have now outgrown Duplos. But for a few years, Duplos were their favorite toys. Setting action bricks along the track makes the train toot the horn, change direction, or turn the lights on or off. There’s also a squirrel minifig!

Disclosure: My kids do not actually watch the Lego Monkie Kid TV series on Amazon Prime. However, this would be a fun play set, even if you had no idea what it was based on. There are two posable mechs, each with its own spring-loaded shooters, and a bunch of minifigs. This would be good for a Christmas afternoon with cousins.

Photograph: Amazon

This 1,100-piece set can be comes with instructions for 15 different miniature builds. Of course, it can also be used to construct whatever your imagination can dream up. Choose free in-store pickup to save on shipping fees.

This is nearly the lowest price we have tracked for this set. The overlap between kids who love Disney and love Lego is pretty high. The Nokk horse figure is pretty cool, and the drawer actually locks.

Straight from the 2022 movie set, just made of Legos. The detailed vehicle can be a fun challenge for older kids and adults, and contains a whopping 1360 pieces.

This car doesn’t actually vroom, but your kids’ imagination (and accompanying sounds) will make up for it. There’s even a tiny spoiler. A Brian O’Conner minifig is included. 

Photograph: LEGO

If you have a vase you love, but wish your flowers would last longer, LEGO has the answer for you. Build these artificial flowers that range from roses, poppies, daises and snapdragons to add to your favorite vessel.

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Lego’s botanical sets are gorgeous, a fun project for adults or your favorite flower-lover who can’t remember to water anything. This orchid set has its own little vase base, so you can build it and set it anywhere in your home to enjoy afterward.

My only regret about this sale is that I was not able to acquire it before my kids aged out of Duplos. A mama and baby elephant! Mama and baby tigers! And my favorite red pandas! This would be an amazing holiday present for any toddlers you know.

This is a 4,049-piece set from the 2015 film Avengers: Age of Ultron, complete with three light-up arc reactors and compatibility with the Iron Man figure (sold separately). I am unclear as to why this is the biggest Marvel set when I’m a Marvel fan and Ultron is among the worst of the Avengers movies. Still, if your loved one already has the Black Panther bust and the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, this would be a good holiday present.

If you’re looking for a more interactive Lego set, look no further than the City Stuntz Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge. It comes with a 360-degree loop, a ring of fire, an “alien tower” vertical climb, a ramp, two toy motorcycles, and four Lego City minifigures. The three stunt challenges can be configured in a variety of different ways too. This is also the lowest price we’ve tracked for this Lego set, so far.

For a hazy few years, my kids were obsessed with the Lego Ninjago TV series. (There is no word more fun to shout than “spinjitzu.”) This is a pretty reasonable price for a biggish 1,060-piece set that looks like a relatively simple build with a ton of mini figurines.

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This is the lowest price we have tracked for this set. The truck has steering, suspension, and a realistic engine. It also comes with tiny logs and a tiny chainsaw!

My 8-year-old is extremely into both Lego and Minecraft at the moment. You can make the Lego llama spit at the hostile pillagers! It also opens to reveal furnished rooms inside.

This 1,677-piece set is a recreation of a 1950s pickup truck, complete with farm vegetables and a farmstand sign if you have a Grapes of Wrath-esque village scene you’d like to add to.

This is a pretty versatile set for both kids and adults. Once they’ve built it, your kids can use it as a playhouse. If you’re an adult, you can probably swap out the colors to put it in a Lego city or other town setup.

Prime Day Quick Picks

iRobot Roomba s9+ for $500 ($1000, 50 percent off)
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for $10 ($20, 50 percent off)
Echo Pop for $18 ($40, 55 percent off)
SanDisk 512GB Extreme microSDXC for $32 ($48, 40 percent off)
Keychron K4 Wireless Keyboard for $64 ($80, 20 percent off)
LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask for $17 ($25, 30 Percent off)
Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router for $45 ($70, 35 Percent off)
Apple AirTag 4-Pack Tracker for $89 ($99, 10 Percent off)
Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth Speaker for $35 ($60, 40 Percent off)
Squishmallows3-Stack Pancake for $12 ($16, 25 percent off)
Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Tablet for $95 ($180, 47 Percent off)
Blink Video Doorbell for $30 ($60, 50 Percent off)
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