4 Of The Best Husky Workbenches You Can Buy At Home Depot


If you’re somebody who doesn’t exactly need a ton of workspace, but would still like the make the most of your area, Husky offers a workbench that comes equipped with a pegboard and a drawer. The solid wood top workbench does cost $449 from Home Depot, but it gives you a lot of features for the price.¬†

The pegboard allows you to hang up a few of your tools, while the drawer allows you to store hand tools. This will be a perfect bench to pair with a set of Husky tools, as it has a lot of additional space for storage.

The drawback here is the four-foot workspace, so there’s less surface area to get some work done when compared to other options. If that size works for you, then this is a very solid workbench given its versatility. On the bright side, it’s a lot easier to find a place for this bench to fit thanks to the smaller form factor.

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