5 Highly Rated Android Camera Lens Attachments To Get The Most Out Of Your Photos


If you’re a casual photographer looking for an affordable, multi-functional smartphone lens, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is probably among the best options. Priced at $39, the lens kit has over 19,000 ratings on Amazon (with an average of 4.2 stars), making it one of the most popular camera lens attachments. It includes a wide-angle and macro lens, and works with pretty much any of the best Android phones or tablets, thanks to its convenient clip-on design.

The Xenvo Pro lens kit comes with a 0.45x wide-angle lens and a 15x macro lens, the latter letting you get as close as half an inch away from subjects. The wide-angle lens is made of premium glass that prevents distortion around the edges and vignetting, both of which are common problems with cheap lenses. You can switch between the two lenses, or combine them for a wide-angle macro shot.

The kit also includes a rechargeable clip-on LED fill light, which provides a warm glow that’s useful for low-light photography. Other bundled accessories include a charging cable for the LED light, a travel case, a quick-release lanyard, and a cleaning cloth. The Xenvo Pro comes with a lifetime warranty, which is unusual for a lens attachment.

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