5 Reasons Safari Could Be Your New Go-To Browser Over Google Chrome


One huge advantage in using Safari is that it was designed in-house so it’s made to run on Apple hardware. it consistently uses less CPU and RAM than Chrome mostly because it’s baked into the Mac operating system. You can check this out for yourself by firing up both browsers and then heading to the Utilities folder to launch Activity Monitor. What you’ll find is that Safari uses significantly fewer resources.

Resource usage is especially taxing if you take advantage of one of Chrome’s strengths: Chrome offers over one hundred thousand extensions and add-ons while Safari has much fewer. Chrome users may have come to rely on many of these extensions, but the drawback is each one uses resources as well. Mostly it probably won’t be a problem on your Mac at home, but if you bring your laptop into the wild, where battery life is crucial, you may find that Safari lets you work longer on a charge than Chrome.

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