5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Facebook Right Now


Unfortunately, the potential consequences of Facebook’s algorithms go beyond just “not having enough fun.” Comparing your life with that of every other person you’ve ever known, arguing with people about politics and social issues, dealing with social drama and bullying, receiving negative comments, not getting enough comments, reading stressful content — if your day-to-day life is full of these kinds of interactions, it’s not really surprising that it can affect your mental health.

There’s no shortage of studies and research into this topic. In young people and adults alike, social media envy is affecting anxiety and depression levels. Facebook content shows you what a perfect life looks like — the extravagant lives of the rich, the fabricated lives of content creators, and the efforts of people you know trying to emulate them. Not having what you want, not looking how you want, feeling inferior to others, feeling ashamed that you haven’t achieved the right level of success — these negative emotions aren’t easy to turn off. They affect your ability to enjoy what you do have and your ability to go out and make more for yourself.

For some people, things can become even more serious. They require medication to help combat their depression, and if they don’t or can’t receive the help they need, their quality of life can severely deteriorate. In extreme cases, suicide is also possible. Of course, if you think Facebook causes you this kind of stress, you should step away from it immediately.

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