5 Unexpected Uses For Your Old Android Tablet


The garage may be the last place you’d expect to place an Android tablet, but there’s a host of good reasons why you might want to. For one, it can be frustrating to watch repair videos on your smartphone’s six-inch display. A tablet’s bigger screen real estate makes this task a breeze as you won’t have to constantly zoom in and out to see all the details. Having a tablet in your garage can also keep your workspace clutter-free, especially if you have a mountain of car manuals on hand. Instead of stacking them in your garage, turn your physical manuals into eBooks or PDFs to save physical space.

Taking it a step further, your Android tablet can serve as a mechanical guide for your vehicle. There are a bunch of automotive diagnostics apps for Android you can install on your device that can provide you with insights into your car’s system, such as engine error codes, parts that need replacing, and vital metrics (e.g., temperature, speed, mileage). If you have a lot of tools and equipment and get annoyed by how often you misplace them, another nifty app you can use on your Android tablet is the Milwaukee Tools One-Key. It works with Bluetooth trackers to help you keep track of them. Aside from the tracking feature, the One-Key app is also great for organizing an inventory system and customizing how you use your Milwaukee tools (e.g., setting custom RPM and precision modes).

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