’90 Day: The Last Resort’: Big Ed Outs Jovi to Yara for Texting a Stripper (Exclusive)


Jovi, Asuelu and Big Ed’s boys’ night out at the strip club continues to have serious consequences. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s new episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Ed boldly calls out Jovi for texting a stripper in front of their entire group, causing Yara to throw a drink on Jovi.

During last week’s episode, Jovi — who has a well-documented love for going to strip clubs — took Ed and Asuelu to a strip club in Key West, claiming that he only wanted Asuelu to have a good time since he’s never been to one before and was going through a hard time with Kalani. He admitted to texting a stripper he knew from New Orleans who’s now based in Key West in order to “have a good time” though insisted that they were only friends. He did share that he and the stripper once traveled to Jamaica together. 

In the clip, Ed — who already previously angered Jovi when he told Liz that they were going to the strip club even though he wasn’t supposed to — obviously has it out for Jovi. He stirs the pot by asking Yara to ask Jovi who he was texting last night. Ed says it was a stripper.

“The one he traveled with,” Ed adds.

Jovi insists that he only texted the woman in question to see if she lived in Key West and to see what club she worked at. Not surprisingly, Yara gets upset, telling him that she knows he’s previously traveled with her and liked her. Meanwhile, Ed continues to call out Jovi.

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“He wanted her to come out with us and go party with him,” Ed says.

Yara and Jovi have dealt with issues concerning his love for strip clubs before, causing her to infamously slap him when he took her to a strip club on their anniversary and took it too far. At this point in the clip, Yara gets increasingly angry. 

“Why would you do that? What is so bad about your f**king relationship that you need to always hang out with strippers?” she tells him.

Even Angela — who hasn’t gotten along with Yara in the past — is on Yara’s side and tells cameras she’s never seen that side of Jovi before and that it’s “not funny.” Jovi admits he doesn’t really have an answer to why he texted the stripper except that he was “trying to have fun last night.” Yara eventually throws her drink at him.

“You want to have fun with her — when you are f**king married?” she asks. “You want to have fun with a stripper? F**k you.”

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC, Max, and Discovery+.


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