A Recent IG Post Explains Why The WNBPA Has Beef With NBA 2K24!


The Women’s National Basketball Players Association, or WNBPA, has something to say about the new NBA 2K24 graphics. Some of the players have also expressed their frustration with the game’s face scans of the WNBA players.

WNBPA And Players Have Beef With NBA 2K: ‘Be Better’

WNBPA – Instagram

On Saturday, the WNBPA shared a post on Instagram that explains why some of the players are speaking up about NBA 2K24.


The post includes a carousel of photos that show player photos alongside their NBA 2K24 graphic, and the differences are undeniable.

WNBPA – Instagram

Many fans dropped into the comment section to express their anger over the bad graphics.

“Were the graphics made in 2003? What is this 🤦🏾‍♀️,” one person asked. Another added, “That’s just plain disrespectful.”

Another fan said, “They didn’t even try on the facial features. Omg. These are the same NPCs that walk around the city.”

One WNBA fan shared that the game just doesn’t care, saying, “When they added the W to the game it was to appease us. Then they figured we would buy their W cover variants. They don’t give a damn, it’s all performative for them and always has been.”

Many others said it’s sad that the NBA players’ graphics look so close to their actual appearance, and yet the WNBA players are the opposite.

“I was so excited to play as my @nyliberty and I felt like I was on ps1… please do better @nba2k I didn’t spend $70 on the game for that level of disrespect!!!” another social media user explained.

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Los Angeles Sparks Player Lexie Brown Shared Her Opinion On The WNBA Player 2K Graphics

Lexie Brown – TikTok

Los Angeles Sparks player Lexie Brown shared her unfiltered thoughts on the NBA 2K24 graphics in a TikTok video.

“See, the whole thing about inclusion that I’ve never understood is if you gonna include us, include us,” she began her video. “And by us, I mean a group of people, doesn’t matter who, like, that’s not usually included in something, and all of a sudden you wanna include them in something.”

Brown then explained that the WNBA is featured in NBA 2K24 and has been in 2K for the last few years, but this year, it’s different for some reason. She said the past few years, the players got face scanned and everything was “fine.”

“For whatever reason this year, they said f— the WNBA, cause look, look at my player” she said as she then transitioned her video to show her 2K graphic.

Lexie Brown- TikTok

“Just leave us out the game if you don’t even wanna try,” she said with a laugh. “Y’all could at least, look at me.”

Many of Brown’s followers left comments explaining their frustration with the game.

“Not only did they mess up face scans. The ratings aren’t even accurate and it shows they clearly don’t even pay attention to the league,” one person wrote. Another added, “I’m screamingggggg 😂😂😂😂 omg sue them.”

@lexiebrown_I don’t even have the game so i don’t even know what other player’s look like 😂😂😂 a whole WNBA cover athlete and we look like this…yall need yall ass beat!!!♬ original sound – lexie brown

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Other WNBA players also shared their frustration with the NBA 2K24 graphics on social media. Phoenix Mercury players Sophie Cunningham and Shey Peddy both shared the WNBPA’s post in their Instagram Story. Cunningham added, “@nba2k what??? do better” on her Story.

What do you think about the difference in graphics between the NBA players and WNBA players in NBA 2K24?

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