Albatros Expeditions Concludes a Remarkable 2023 Arctic Season


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Albatros Expeditions has announced the successful completion of its 2023 Arctic season onboard Ocean Albatros, the company’s newest vessel, which joined the Albatros Expeditions fleet in June of this year.

The eco-conscious ship outperformed all expectations, setting the way for her imminent premiere in the southern hemisphere in November. During this fantastic season, the Ocean Albatros sailed to various locations, including Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Iceland, Northwest, South, and Northeast Greenland.

Within Svalbard’s pack ice, the expedition team crossed the coveted 80-degree north latitude an incredible five times, providing guests with unique access to some of the Arctic’s most stunning and inaccessible landscapes.

The Ocean Albatros reached 79 degrees north in northwest Greenland, giving guests a unique opportunity to see up close the spectacular wildness of the Davis Strait, which connects Greenland and Canada. The season also saw the state-of-the-art Ocean Albatros sail with an impressive 87% capacity (a record for Albatros Expeditions’ first seasons), highlighting the ship’s popularity among adventurous guests looking for intimate and immersive Arctic experiences.

The vessel travelled 16,715 nautical miles throughout the season, showcasing its seaworthiness and reliability. Throughout the season, guests from 46 countries joined our team, adding to the variety and profound experiences shared onboard the Ocean Albatros.

“We are thrilled with the success of the 2023 Arctic season onboard the Ocean Albatros,” said Hans Lagerweij, CEO of Albatros Expeditions.

“The ship exceeded our and our guests’ expectations, and we can’t wait to see her continue to host adventurous travellers as she sails Antarctic waters for the rest of the year.”

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Albatros Expedition remains committed to offering unique and unforgettable small-ship expeditions inspired by our Nordic heritage while prioritising safety, sustainability, and innovation with the care of a family-owned business.

The company looks forward to continuing its objective of sharing the world’s wonders at the helm of Ocean Albatros and Ocean Victory and welcoming new guests, staff, and crew into its family.

The post Albatros Expeditions Concludes a Remarkable 2023 Arctic Season appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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