Apple may launch a new Mini LED iMac, but you’ll have to wait


The first iMac with Apple’s M1 chip was an impressive device, offering a colourful desktop all-in-one for families and students alike. But, it does lack some oomph. That may come in the form of a high-end iMac that is rumoured to debut in 2025.

Apple’s all-in-one desktop range has lacked a powerful option since the last iMac Pro, back when it was using Intel chips. Instead, desktop Mac fans have had to opt for a MacBook or go for a standalone desktop – Mac Mini or Mac Studio – alongside a Studio Display or Pro Display XDR, if they’d like to go all Apple. It is quite the investment, rather than being able to get one swanky iMac package. So, what is it likely to be and when is it coming?

Prolific Apple analyst, with a strong record of getting things right, Ming Chi-Kuo reckons we’ll see a new high-end Mini LED iMac debut in 2025. The all-in-one is said to come in a 32-inch form factor. As you can see from the quote tweet – sorry, post – below, Ming Chi-Kuo has updated their prediction, having previously stated an iMac Pro device could come in 2025. It isn’t clear that the device launching in 2025 would be an iMac Pro but if it is “higher-end” and dons a Mini LED display, that could seem the most likely moniker.

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Outside of Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent musings, there’s little other concrete information on what a larger iMac could entail. Experienced Apple-focused journalist Mark Gurman spoke about an iMac “with a screen over 30 inches” back in June (via Bloomberg), with not much said since. In a quote post of Kuo’s, Gurman stated work on a 32-inch iMac Pro “remains early.”

Instead, the focus has been on the very next iMac, which is set to feature the Apple M3 chip, rather than the current generation M2 offering. That model is set to land sooner in 2024. If Apple does decide to go for a “higher-end 32-inch Mini LED” iMac in 2025, it seems likely that it will either sport enhanced versions of the M3 series — Pro or Max — if not, M4 chips given the lengthy period until its debut. This remains unconfirmed though.

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