Billie Eilish Shows Off Full Back Tattoo to Mixed Reactions


Billie Eilish is showing off the full version of her massive back tattoo, a piece she’s teased before … and fans are pretty mixed on their thoughts.

The singer posted a pic Wednesday as part of a larger October photo dump — and in it, she’s laying on her stomach at what appears to be a tattoo shop. Billie’s got her bare back exposed, showing some sort of intricate design that runs down her spine — and it looks fresh.

Unclear if this is a shot that she’s had in her camera roll for a while … we’ve seen glimpses of this tat before, but have never seen the entire thing. This is either Billie showing that she’s gotten more work on it recently, or just a flashback to when she first got it done.

In any case … the tattoo here looks a little smeared and incomplete. There’ve been mixed reactions to the ink online — some dig it, others aren’t big fans.

FWIW, this is just one of a handful of tats she has … Billie has one on her chest that reads “Eilish,” another one of a dragon on her thigh and yet another showing fairies on her hand.

Now, she’s in the Ben Affleck club … welcome aboard.

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