Caitlyn Jenner’s Role In Navigating The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Controversy


Caitlyn Jenner has shared her unique approach to a significant moment in the family’s history in an unexpected revelation that offers a fresh perspective on the Kardashian chronicles.

This is the era when Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape, created during her relationship with Ray J, sent shockwaves through the tabloids just months before the debut of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Here’s What Caitlyn Jenner Recalls During Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Drama

The 73-year-old, who was married to Kris Jenner at the time of the incident, opted for an escape to the tranquility of the country club, marking her reaction to the unexpected storm.

Reflecting on those tumultuous days in Sky’s captivating “House of Kardashian” docuseries, Caitlyn shared that she sought solace in familiar surroundings amidst the chaos.


The reality TV star recalled thinking, “Whatever’s going on, I don’t know what it is and I’m gonna go to the golf course.” The most surprising revelation from the TV personality was her admission of maintaining a deliberate silence surrounding the situation. She revealed:

“To be honest with you, I just stayed out of it. Kris never talked to me about it. I never talked to Kimberly about it. I don’t know what happened, why it happened.”

Her unexpected stance underscored Caitlyn’s commitment to respect the privacy and boundaries of those involved. On the other hand, while the former professional athlete looked the other way, her ex-wife had to debunk rumors linking her to the 2007 sex tape firmly. This is because allegations suggested her involvement in the tape’s release. 

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Ray J had leveled accusations at the Kardashian clan, alleging they leveraged his name for their immense wealth. Going a step further, he had even pointed fingers at the clan’s matriarch as the mastermind behind the sex tape controversy.

Last year, the savvy businesswoman, who was most likely fed up with having to defend herself, decided to end it once and for all. During an appearance on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, Kris and Kylie addressed some burning questions while attached to a lie detector test. 

The confirmation moment came when, in the midst of the interview, one particularly daring question surfaced — “Did you help Kim release her sex tape?” As the audience audibly gasped, awaiting the “Celebrity Family Feud” guest star’s response, she firmly denied any involvement, and Corden’s associate affirmed her truthfulness.

With a sigh of relief, Kris quipped, “We cleared that up!” before the conversation swiftly moved along.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Reflected On How Kris Found Out About Her Transition


Before the much-anticipated “House of Kardashian” project debuted, it promised to unearth the facets of their 23-year union. One is how the former Olympian felt a profound regret concerning how her ex-wife learned about her transition.

The pivotal moment in question unfolded in 2015 and ended up casting a lasting shadow on the former couple’s relationship. Sources suggested that Caitlyn was now actively seeking reconciliation with the “momager.” The reason was that Kris did not receive the deeply personal news directly from the star herself but rather through E! network executives.

The insider shared that the socialite was the “one true love of Bruce’s life,” adding weight to Caitlyn’s regrets about how she learned of the change. They added:

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“Caitlyn will always have love for Kris, and even after the divorce — which had nothing to do at all with transitioning — really has come to regret not talking with Kris personally first. It hurt [Caitlyn] to learn that Kris found out from network execs.” 

Even though they had already split up in 2013 before she transitioned, the person admitted that “Bruce eventually spoke to Kris.” At the time of their divorce, they found themselves at odds over “The Kardashians” star’s alleged knowledge of the media personality’s gender struggles. 

It was also reported that Caitlyn’s participation in the documentary was not just to defend her family “but to set the record straight that Kris really had no idea — other than what [Kris] discussed in Vanity Fair.”

At the time, “The Mindy Project” guest star revealed she knew about the former Graceland Yellowjackets player’s earlier experience with hormones in the 1980s, even before they became a couple.

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