China Criticized US Visa Policies for Bangladesh Citizens


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The Chinese embassy in Dhaka indirectly criticized the US.

The Chinese ambassador in Dhaka, Yao Wen, raised diplomatic questions on Wednesday. He specifically questioned the role of “certain foreign countries” in Bangladesh.

The Chinese ambassador in Dhaka, Yao Wen, alluded to the US without naming it. He mentioned “unilateral visa restrictions” while discussing the issue.

This was during a media event where he handed over dengue test kits to Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar, near Dhaka.

The ambassador suggested that this certain foreign country claims to be Bangladesh’s friend, emphasizing human rights, democracy, and free and fair elections in Bangladesh, as per the Chinese embassy transcript.

The Chinese ambassador expressed concern about unilateral visa restrictions and possible economic sanctions imposed by “certain countries” on Bangladesh.

He emphasized that China doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of other nations and aims to support Bangladesh in economic growth and improving people’s livelihoods. He asked, “Who is the genuine friend of Bangladesh? The people decide.”

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