Chrome will soon correct your URL typos on iOS and Android


Google is rolling out a handy feature in its Chrome web browser that will pick up on typos and suggest web pages when you mis-type a URL.

We’ve all been in that annoying situation where we type out a lengthy web address on our phones, only to miss out or insert an incorrect letter. The resulting incomprehension from your chosen web browser feels downright odd, especially when a general search using the very same text field can produce almost telepathic responses.

Google is finally fixing that. In a blog post issued on Tuesday, Google confirmed that the detection of typos and website URL suggestions is now rolling out to Android and iOS. This follows the features initial introduction to Chrome on desktop back in May.

The company explains that “This will help people with dyslexia, language learners or anyone who makes typos get to the content they’re looking for faster.”

Indeed, this new Chrome feature was announced as one of a selection of new accessibility-focused features from Google. There’s also a new identity attribute for disabled-owned businesses in Google Maps, as well as clear wheelchair-accessible business indicators in Maps for Android Auto.

Google Maps is rolling out accessible walking routes, so you can request stair-free walking routes.

Elsewhere, Google is bringing fresh screen reader capabilities to Lens in Maps, which provide auditory feedback of the places around you for blind or low-vision users. Assistant Routines is becoming easier to use by those with cognitive differences and disabilities.

Finally, Google talks of a more accessible camera in its Pixel phones. The Magnifier app does exactly what its name suggests, letting you use the default camera app to zoom in on something as you would using a physical magnifying glass. It’s available now for the Pixel 5 and up, though the £1,749 Pixel Fold isn’t included. Awkward.

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