Cops Show Up After Friends Start Running ‘Abandoned’ Nashville Hotel!


When a group of three friends arrived at their hotel in Nashville for a fun birthday getaway, they were met by no one. Literally, no one.

When they realized that there were no hotel employees anywhere to be found, they did what any fun-loving group would do – take over the hotel!

The group of friends documented some of their hotel takeover adventure on TikTok and viewers had jokes to add to the hilarious situation.

Three Friends Take Over A Nashville La Quinta Inn

ahow15 – TikTok

The viral video shared on TikTok starts off with the explanation, “When you arrive to the hotel and there is no staff so you now have a new job,” and is captioned, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

One of the friends jumped behind the desk and began answering phone calls. Then another friend also began to answer calls. The trio of visitors turned employees took it upon themselves to get the hotel’s breakfast buffet ready to go for other guests. They also helped other guests when they needed something.

@ahow15 You gotta do what you gotta do. #hotel #laquinta #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie ♬ original sound – ahow15

A follow up video answered some questions that viewers had about the big hotel takeover adventure that the friends seemed to enjoy.

“We were genuinely just stepping in, helping,” one friend said. “So, it’s Aaron’s birthday trip. Kitchen manager, here. Everything was going to plan. You know, we were supposed to check in early. Thank God we didn’t.”

She continued to explain that they went to the casino for some birthday fun before going to the hotel and when they arrived at the hotel to check in, there was no one there.

“Nobody, just constant phone calls,” Aaron jumped in to say. “And a woman hysterically crying and screaming.”

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They said they stood at the front desk for about 30 minutes before jumping into their new jobs. They went back to the office to make sure no one was there and just not hearing them at the desk. They then found a housekeeper and talked to her about the ordeal, but she had no clue what was going on and said no one had been there for hours.

@ahow15 Replying to @Kayla Renee been a long damn day but heres story time part 1. Sorry, our came out and were famished. #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie #singlemom ♬ original sound – ahow15

“So we’re like, okay, phones are ringing. We have this lady in the lobby screaming about the fact that her card was charged $600,” she continued. “And so instantly we’re like, okay, manager mode. We run businesses back home. Manager mode kicks in.”

One of the three friends goes behind the desk but finds a lock on the computer, and then finds the general manager’s phone number. She reached out to the manager who had no idea anything crazy was going on. They then begin to answer the many phone calls which end up being the same complaints of money being charged that shouldn’t be.

“Then the police show up, and I asked the police officer, I was like, well, can I just go behind there and like check into our room? And he said, I’m gonna leave, you do whatever you have to do,” she said. “So that was our okay right there.”

The Insanity Doesn’t End There!

ahow15 – TikTok

The friends shared more of the story in a few other videos, because the story doesn’t quite end there.

“Alright, so after the cop basically tells Kenzie she can do whatever she needs to do, Kenzie called the GM one more time and politely asked her, you know, can you tell us how to check into our room?” Aaron said. “The GM said no and she was away in California for a general manager convention. They need to go to a training convention.”

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Aaron said they didn’t do anything illegal but still tried to figure out how to check into their room. The phones began to ring more and the craziness just got worse with customer complaints about issues via phone and in person standing in the lobby.

At 6:13 a.m. people started coming down for breakfast that should be ready by 6 a.m. so the three friends jumped in to get breakfast served.

@ahow15 Replying to @Leah Elise part 2!! Thanks for all of the support for us helping out. We genuinely just wanted to jump in where we could. #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie @Wildkenz @— ♬ original sound – ahow15

Another video explained what happened when a hotel employee arrived at the hotel around 7 or 8 a.m.

“He had the audacity to say it will be a $25 resort fee,” Aaron said. “I’m just still flabbergasted. Listen, and we were not trying to get any rooms for free. We have money, we wouldn’t come to Nashville for, you know, it’s literally we did not want to put our card on there with people saying that, you know, they’re people with missing money and everything.”

@ahow15 Replying to @Marie🩰🌸🦩💕 Part 3!! We’re off to see a concert now!! We are absolutely loving Nashville and you all are keeping us LAUGHING!! #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie #family ♬ original sound – ahow15

Then the GM from Holiday Inn showed up and they filled him in on everything that happened. He thanked them for helping out and handling everything so well. He offered to give them a free room and gave them a room key. But the insanity continues.

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“We go up to the sixth freaking floor. Go to the door with the key that we had, opened the f***ing door and there’s a naked woman inside,” Kenzie said. “We were like, Oh my God sorry, they gave us these keys and she was like I’m here for the next two weeks.”

The trio go back downstairs to tell the GM that there was a naked woman in the room. They then asked if they could just stay at his hotel instead and he calls over to the hotel to let his employees know they are coming and get them set up in suites.

To The Comments…

ahow15 – TikTok

Many viewers had jokes to add to the hilarious situation the trio of friends had been through. Each video has tons of jokes and funny thoughts.

“I would immediately add 3 years of Hotel concierge to my resume!” one person said on the original viral video. “My husband travels for work. He said having breakfast ready makes you heroes 😂🥰,” said another.

On the second video, a hotel employee chimed in to say, “I work a Hotel front desk I’m here for this drama. 😂”

Another hotel employee added, “As a hotelier here, there was definitely an upset employee that left 😅 had to be.”

One viewer thinks this crazy story is film worthy. “This needs to be turned into a full length film!”

Many left messages talking about how they are heroes and saved the day. “On behalf of native Nashvillians, you 3 are a breath of fresh air. This is hysterical yet wholesome. Happy Birthday Mr. Manager!🎉”

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