Data Reveals: The city with the most pet-friendly apartments in the US


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Millennials make up the largest percentage of current pet owners in the US (33%), followed by Gen X (25%) which are also the two largest demographics for apartment sharing across the country.

But what happens if you have a beloved pet and your housing situation changes or you’re looking to move cities? As well as looking at cost of living, cost of rent and employment prospects, pet owners need to consider where they’re most likely to find a roommate who’s happy to have a fury (or not so fury) friend join them.

With hundreds of thousands of members with apartment listings on, they have reviewed real-time data to help you find a roommate and a city where you and your pet will be the most welcomed with open arms (or paws). analyzed the percentage of users with a room available in each city in 2023 to find out which city had the highest percentage of people who are willing to share a living space with a pet owner with Columbus, Ohio coming out on top of their list with 58% of users agreeing to live with a furry friend. Meanwhile, Denver, Colorado ranked second at 54%, and

St. Petersburg, Florida closed off the top three list also at 52%.

Columbus, Ohio – 58%

Columbus, Ohio, warmly welcomes furry companions and offers a multitude of pet-friendly attractions, topping the list with 58% of homeowners on Roommates saying that they would be okay with sharing with a pet owner – the highest percentage in the country.

Nestled in the heart of the Buckeye State, Columbus boasts a remarkable blend of urban charm and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for pet owners seeking memorable adventures with their four-legged friends. 

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Denver, Colorado – 54%

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and an abundance of outdoor activities, Denver is a haven for pet owners seeking unforgettable experiences with their furry companions.

Start your exploration at the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park, just a short drive from Denver. If your furry companion enjoys socializing with fellow canines, Denver boasts several dog parks where they can frolic off-leash. One of the most popular is the 336-acre Chatfield State Park Off-Leash Dog Area, offering vast open spaces, a swimming area, and scenic trails for both you and your pet to enjoy. 

St. Petersburg, Florida – 52%

St. Petersburg, Florida, is known for its sunny beaches, cultural attractions, and a warm welcome to pets. Nestled on the picturesque Gulf Coast, this coastal gem offers a range of pet-friendly activities that will make any four-legged friend wag their tail with delight. 

Jacksonville, Florida – 51%

Nestled on the northeastern coast of the Sunshine State, Jacksonville offers a delightful array of pet-friendly attractions for animal-loving adventurers. With its sprawling beaches, lush parks, and welcoming community, Jacksonville is a haven for pet owners seeking unforgettable experiences with their furry friends.

Embrace the coastal charm as you explore Jacksonville’s pet-friendly beaches, where your four-legged companion can frolic in the sand and splash in the gentle waves. With designated areas for dogs to run off-leash and make new friends, these pristine stretches of shoreline provide a perfect setting for endless playtime and refreshing walks by the sea. 

Tucson, Arizona – 50%

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Tucson offers a variety of pet-friendly attractions for you and your beloved pets to enjoy. Discover the natural beauty of the region by exploring Tucson’s numerous pet-friendly parks and trails or take a leisurely stroll with your dog along the scenic trails of Oak Valley Park or engage in a game of fetch in the open green spaces of Dogwood Park.

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Tucson also hosts several pet-focused events throughout the year, allowing you and your pet to socialize and connect with other animal lovers, including the annual Pet Parade, where pets of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff, showcasing their adorable costumes and talents. 

Scottsdale, Arizona – 50%

Nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and renowned for its pet-friendly attractions, Scottsdale embraces its furry friends with open arms, offering a plethora of experiences tailored to pets and their human companions.

Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Old Town Scottsdale, where you and your four-legged companion can explore a myriad of pet-friendly shops and art galleries OR discover unique boutiques filled with pet accessories, organic treats, and stylish apparel to pamper your furry friend. 

Dallas, Texas – 49%

Dallas, Texas, welcomes pets with open arms. From its bustling city streets to its expansive green spaces, Dallas offers a wide array of pet-friendly attractions including the Katy Trail, a picturesque 3.5-mile trail that winds through the heart of the city.

This pet-friendly path provides a perfect opportunity for you and your canine friend to enjoy some exercise and soak up the beautiful scenery. Many local businesses along the trail also offer water bowls and treats for your four-legged companion.  

New York City, New York – 48%

Known for its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and rich cultural diversity, the Big Apple offers a variety of pet-friendly attractions to explore. Take a leisurely stroll through Central Park, one of the city’s most beloved green spaces.

Meanwhile, if your furry friend enjoys socializing, you can visit one of the city’s numerous dog parks. Washington Square Park Dog Run and Madison Square Park Dog Run are popular destinations where dogs can frolic and make new friends. 

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Austin, Texas – 45%

Located in the heart of the Lone Star State, Austin offers a haven for pet owners seeking exciting adventures with their furry companions. With beautiful outdoor spaces, such as the sprawling Zilker Park, the picturesque Lady Bird Lake Trail, and the expansive Auditorium Shores located on the banks of the Colorado River, it’s one location you and your furry friend won’t want to miss. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado – 44%

Colorado Springs is the perfect destination for pet lovers. Nestled at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, this vibrant city offers a plethora of pet-friendly attractions for you and your furry friends to explore. Just make sure to include the Garden of the

Gods, a stunning natural park known for its towering red rock formations in your pet-filled adventure.

The full top 20 list can be found here:


% of roommates who’d be happy to share with a pet

1. Columbus, Ohio


2. Denver, Colorado


3. St. Petersburg, Florida


4. Jacksonville, Florida


5. Tucson, Arizona


6. Scottsdale, Arizona


7. Dallas, Texas


8. New York, New York


9. Austin, Texas


10. Colorado Springs, Colorado


11. Portland, Oregon


12. Chicago, Illinois 


13. Atlanta, Georgia


14. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


15. Fort Worth, Texas


16. Indianapolis, Indiana


17. Charlotte, North Carolina


18. Tampa, Florida 


19. Phoenix, Arizona


20. San Francisco, California


The post Data Reveals: The city with the most pet-friendly apartments in the US appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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