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Warning: Contains Spoilers for Dead by Daylight #3!

The most overlooked member of Dead by Daylight‘s popular killer group the Legion is finally being explored in the franchise’s latest comic. Since their debut in 2018, three members of the Legion (Frank, Julie and Susie) stood out because of their interesting designs and personalities. However, Joey always felt like the odd-man-out with minimal character exploration and even less attention in cosmetics, thus designating him as nothing more than “the fourth Legion member.”

Now, Joey has finally been given a chance to shine in Dead by Daylight #3 by Nadia Shammas, Dillon Snook, and Emilio Lecce, and it’s given him the development he’s been needing for five long years. This entire issue focuses on Joey as he navigates a day in his life in Ormond.

No stone is left unturned as he gets to show off who he is as a character. This allows him to finally stand out as his own unique person rather than blending into the background as a two-dimensional additional Legion member whose only known trait was that he consistently lost work at his part-time jobs.

The most interesting part of this issue is Joey’s interaction with his mother following a horrific nightmare. It’s clear that he’s being raised by a single woman, and they’re struggling financially based on his mom working late hours at her job and Joey working his own position to help make ends meet. What’s amazing about this brief interaction is that it proves Joey is the only member of the Legion with a pretty stable family life. He has a loving mother-son relationship with the two looking out for one-another. Frank, Julie, and Susie don’t have this, as they either have a secret hatred of their families or make their disdain apparent — as shown in the series’ first issue when Frank clearly voices his hatred for his foster parent.

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Joey’s family life plays into who he is in the Legion. There’s a moment in the comic where Frank calls out Joey for being a clown because he wants to “do something more on the ‘fun’ side of mayhem.” This paints Joey as the most innocent and reluctant Legion member, a title previously held by Susie before her Legion lore was completely redefined. As a result, he’s much more resistant to the Entity’s call to become a killer, as shown in his nightmare, where he fights off the creature’s spider-like legs. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s immune to the Entity, as he becomes inspired to get revenge on his boss for firing him without warning and refusing to give him his final pay due to Frank stealing a candy bar. It’s a defining moment for Joey that shows his breaking point, making him a much more interesting character.

It’s amazing to see just how dramatically one comic-book issue can change Joey. He’s a character who has been brushed aside for years, making him seem to be nothing more than the fourth member of the Legion. Now this has changed forever thanks to Dead by Daylight‘s latest comics, which turns the Legion’s most overlooked member into one of the group’s most interesting, all thanks to rich character development that fills in many gaps.

Dead by Daylight #3 is available now from Titan Comics!

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