Drake Says He’s Taking Break From Music, ‘Maybe a Year’

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Table For One / SiriusXM

Soak up his new album, “For All the Dogs,” because Drake is dropping the mic — he says he’s walking away from music to deal with a health issue that’s plagued him for a long time.

He made the bombshell announcement Friday morning on his SiriusXM show “Table for One” … saying, “I need to focus on my health, first and foremost.” Apparently, he’s been battling a gastrointestinal issue … he says, “I’ve been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach.”

He didn’t get any more specific about the ailment, but says it’s gonna require enough of his time that “I’ma lock the door on the studio for a little bit. Maybe a year or something … maybe a little longer.”

It’s a huge revelation, and not just for his fans, but for the music industry as a whole. Quite frankly, Drake’s thing has been quantity — the guy cranks out records very regularly. He’s dropped 9 studio projects in the last 13 years.

But, just hours after releasing his latest, he’s making it clear he’s got more important things to deal with now — “I need to focus on my health, and I need to get right.”

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