Former SAG-AFTRA President Melissa Gilbert Calls New Halloween Costume Rules ‘Infantile Stuff’ | Mandy Moore, Melissa Gilbert, SAG-AFTRA | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip


Former SAG-AfTRA president Melissa Gilbert is not pleased with the union’s new Halloween costume guidelines for actors on strike.

On Wednesday (October 18), SAG-AFTRA instructed striking actors to not to dress up as any characters from struck companies in a blog post.

Melissa led the union from 2001 to 2005, and now, she’s calling out the current leadership for having the wrong priorities.

Keep reading to find out what she said…

In an Instagram post on Friday (October 20), the actress wrote, “THIS is what you guys come up with? Literally no one cares what anyone wears for Halloween. I mean, do you really think this kind of infantile stuff is going to end the strike? We look like a joke.”

“Please tell me you’re going to make this rule go away…and go negotiate!” she pleaded.

She continued, “For the love of God, people are suffering mightily and this is what you have to say…c’mon guys…This is the kind of silly bulls-it that keeps us on strike. ‘Let’s enact a policy that makes us look petty and incompetent at the same time.’”

Melissa isn’t the only one who’s disappointed with the Halloween rules. Mandy Moore also recently expressed a strong opinion about them on Instagram.

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