From living in a car to Seven-Figure net worth

Lizzo’s cinderella story: From living in a car to Seven-Figure net worth

Lizzo, the renowned music artist who reportedly had to live in a car for six months due to a lack of resources, has now amassed a net worth in the realm of seven figures.

Award-Winning Triumphs

Her net worth saw a booming increase after she won Grammy and Emmy Awards in 2022. Lizzo famously sang, Truth Hurts, and before becoming mega-famous, her bank balance was hurting as well.

Lizzo’s Net Worth

Lizzo, who is now one of the most celebrated rappers around the world has a net worth of more than $40 million.

Prince’s Influence

She was not an overnight success and is a perfect example of consistency and perseverance. She spent years striving for success in Minneapolis, honing her artistry. The songstress got a boost from the city’s most famous musician, Prince, who invited her to his legendary studio/home compound for recording.

Lizzo’s Philosophy On Art and Success

In an interview with Rolling Stones in 2019, Lizzo opened up about working with Prince, stating, “When you’re an artist, your career isn’t defined by trends or age. That’s the biggest lesson I learned from Prince: perpetuate positivity, and also art is forever. Be eternal.”

Breaking Down Lizzo’s $40 Million Net Worth

Her struggle paid off, and now she has several revenue streams, including songwriting royalties, payouts from streaming platforms, merchandise, sales, touring, promotions, and more.

Lizzo has sold millions of copies of her music albums. Her Cuz I Love You crossed, 1 million in sales during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

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