Here’s How iPhone’s Visual Look Up Feature Could Improve Your Next Vacation


If you happen to be visiting a place with a famous statue, building, or landmark, Visual Look Up can give you an easy way to learn more about it. If it’s man-made, you can find out who designed and built it, when it was completed, and its cultural significance, among other things. If it’s a natural wonder, you’ll be able to read about when it was established, what special things can be found there, and other cool facts. You can also check out the landmark’s Apple Maps entry, any visitor photos and reviews, and its official social media accounts, if there are any.

Visual Look Up can also be used to take photos of paintings, murals, drawings, and other forms of art. If the iPhone camera recognizes the subject of the photo, you may find similar images and learn the art piece’s title, the date it was made, and the story behind its creation. If it’s a famous artwork, you will likely also be led to the artist’s Wikipedia page, which will contain a more in-depth biography.

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