How to pre-order the PS5 Slim: When can you reserve a new PS5 Slim?


Sony surprisingly announced the PS5 Slim today. It’s a smaller, lighter version of the console with more storage and a detachable disc drive. Here’s what we know about when you’ll be able to get it.

Sony’s traditional mid-cycle PlayStation hardware refinement is here. The 2020 model will be retired in favour of the PS5 Slim once current hardware supplies have been exhausted.

In the meantime, you’ll have a choice when the PS5 Slim becomes available. Here’s how the PS5 Slim and PS5 compare.

However, Sony isn’t ready to spill the beans about exactly when you’ll be able to pre-order the PS5 Slim. Especially in the UK.

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PS5 Slim release date

Sony is only promising the PS5 Slim will be available in the United States primarily at some point in November. So, it’s at least three weeks away at the time of writing (on October 10).

As for everyone else – in the UK, Europe, and even in Sony’s Japanese homeland – the company is keeping us in the dark for the time being.

All Sony is saying is “The new PS5 model will be available starting this November in the U.S. at select local retailers and where available. It will continue to roll out globally in the following months.”

Hopefully, Sony is able to get the console to UK shores before the festive season.

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How to pre-order the PS5 Slim

We’re not sure when pre-orders will open for the new PlayStation model. Sony has told us that the website will be one venue. The traditional third-party vendors will doubtless join.

Hopefully gamers who want to snag one on release day will be able to pre-order in advance. We’ll keep you posted on the UK selling arrangements and drop the pre-order link in here when it becomes available.

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