IDF Bombards Central Neighborhood in Gaza City


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City with “dozens” of fighter jets on Monday, October 9, calling the area a “terror nest for Hamas.”

In a post to X, the IDF said Israeli forces attacked “many targets” in the neighborhood over the course of a few hours.

The neighborhood houses commercial businesses and the largest medical complex in Gaza, according to Al Jazeera. A building holding a telecommunications company was destroyed in a strike in the area on Monday, causing internet and telephone service outages, according to news reports.

This aerial footage showing smoke rising from buildings in Gaza City was posted by the IDF, who said it shows attacks on the Rimal neighborhood.

The IDF also called the Al-Furqan neighborhood, which they bombed, a “terror nest.” Credit: Israel Defense Forces via Storyful

Video Transcript


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