IMEX CEO Carina Bauers is now in the EIC Hall of Leaders


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The 2023 EIC Global Awards Celebration took place last night – Monday, October 16 – at Bellagio Resort & Casino ahead of IMEX America which begins today. The ceremony also saw Dale Hudson, formerly IMEX’s Director of Knowledge and Events, honored with the Pacesetter Award.

Carina Bauer joins the esteemed Hall of Leaders

The Hall of Leaders Award, one of the leading awards in the industry, champions outstanding trailblazers who have shaped the sector. The defining quality among these individuals is their enduring impact – the industry would not be what it is today without their contributions.

Carina is one of seven new Hall of Leaders inductees and now joins an outstanding roll call of industry leaders, including her father and IMEX Chairman Ray Bloom.

Carina Bauer says: “At IMEX we have a principle of sharing what we learn. Throughout my career, I’ve been supported and inspired by others sharing their knowledge and experience. My father, Ray Bloom, is part of that roll call and to join him as the first father and daughter inductees into the Hall of Leaders is something very special. As our sector continues to evolve, my intention is to ensure that we keep on looking ahead and welcome the new people entering our industry with a similarly collaborative and guiding spirit.

“A huge congratulations to all my fellow inductees and a special thank-you to Senthil, Marta, and the ICCA Board of Directors for nominating me and, of course, to all at the EIC for this wonderful honor.”

Amy Calvert, CEO, of the Events Industry Council, says: “It is wonderful to see Carina recognized for her many contributions and to be included among a community of leaders who have inspired, encouraged, and mentored the next generation of industry professionals.

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“Among Carina’s many strong leadership qualities is that she’s a fantastic listener and collaborator with a strong focus on promoting positivity and motivating change. She has been a driving force in pushing sustainability and corporate social responsibility to the very top of our collective agenda, and played a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity and diversity, leading campaigns that prioritize equality, accessibility and representation. These are all factors that now form the cornerstone of how we conduct our international business.”

Carina was nominated by ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath who adds: “Carina Bauer is such a positive and proactive force in our industry. She epitomizes what it is to be a leader and is an inspiration to so many of us in so many ways. Her professionalism, charisma, approachability, and intuitive willingness to be the difference sets a wonderful example… one we can all follow, irrespective of where we find ourselves on our own professional journeys. Congratulations Carina, the EIC Global Awards Hall of Leaders acknowledgment is a testament to the real and profound effect you have on our global events community.”

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