‘In The Fire’ director sings praise of Amber Heard in new interview


‘In The Fire’ director sings praise of Amber Heard in new interview

Last year, Amber Heard was embroiled in one of the most-followed court cases in US history. But In The Fire, director Conor Allyn was unbothered by the expected fallout as the actress took him in confidence.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the filmmaker said, “The first thing out of her mouth was, ‘I’m so sorry that this has happened and that my personal baggage might hurt the movie,'” adding, “She was calling me to apologize and that tells me all I need to know about her character.”

Gushing over the Aquaman star’s upright character, the No Man’s Land director said, “And it just seemed so surreal to have this person who’d just gone through everything that she’d gone through apologizing to me for a movie. Look, I love what I do, but this is her life being ruined, and she’s still sticking up for me and taking the blame.”

Starring Amber, the movie was released on October 13 as the film marks her first major project after the infamous courtroom battles with ex-Johnny Depp.

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