Jamie Lynn Spears Faces Backlash For ‘DWTS’ Special Treatment


Jamie Lynn Spears has joined “Dancing With the Stars” for the upcoming season, where she is receiving special treatment from the production team.

The “Dancing With the Stars” team goes above and beyond to ensure contestants can compete, as the production crew allows the “Zoey 101” star to practice near her Tennessee home rather than in the L.A. studio. The local practices seem to help Spears significantly as she is a very hands-on mom to her children, 5-year-old Ivey and 15-year-old Maddie.

Almost all of the other contestants for the upcoming season appear to be practicing at a studio in Los Angeles, so the fact that the “Dancing With the Stars” team is accommodating Spears shows how badly they wanted her on this season.

Now, fans are speaking out about the special treatment, bashing the “Zoey 101” star.

Social Media Users Attack Jamie Lynn Spears For ‘DWTS’ Special Treatment

Instagram | Jamie Lynn Spears

Fans are unhappy that Spears is getting special treatment as one user spoke out and said, “How is Jamie Lynn Spears considered a star. And what do you mean ALLOWED?”.

Another expressed, “Emma Robert & Jamie Lynn Spears have the same energy. Bitchy spoiled white girl babies coasting off the success & name of their more famous relatives. Not as talented as those said relatives either.”

While one user Tweeted, “They must be hurting for contestants for this concession..”.

Others, however, supported Spears. “So are all the stars. The pros travel to them,” one fan expressed as another said, “I support you, Jamie Lynn.”

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Lastly, one fan expressed, “That’s great to hear! Best of luck to Jamie Lynn Spears on her journey with ‘Dancing With the Stars’!”

Jamie Lynn Spears To Donate ‘DWTS’ Salary

Instagram / Jamie Lynn Spears

Although she faces backlash for getting special treatment, the former Nickelodeon star said she would donate her “Dancing With the Stars” salary for the WGA writer’s and the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strikes.

“Decided to lace up my dancing shoes for a good reason,” Jamie Lynn wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “I was offered an opportunity that is completely out of the ordinary of something I would normally ever do, but it’s during a time when my community #SAG & #WGA are on strike & all of us members are unable to work until we have reached a fair resolution, so if I’m able to use this unique opportunity to bring more awareness and to donate the salary I get for dancing each week back to the community who has given me so much, then it’s the least I can do.”

“I could not ask for a better partner than @alanbersten to guide me through this adventure,” she continued. “I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared, but I’m just gonna have fun and hopefully be able to give back in a meaningful way until we can ALL GET BACK TO OUR DAY JOBS.” She ended her post with the hashtags #SAGAFTRASTRONG, #WGA, and #SAG.

Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for her role as Zoey Brooks on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” and for being the younger sister to pop icon Britney Spears.

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