Kim Kardashian Says People Would Be ‘Shocked’ by How Bad Her Acne Has Gotten | Kim Kardashian, TikTok | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Kim Kardashian might be a mogul and a fashion icon, but she’s just like all the rest of us.

By that, we mean that she also struggles with things like acne and the occasional breakout.

She opened up about her experience developing acne as an adult in an honest new interview. Kim also spilled some tea on her TikTok FYP, and you might be watching the same content as her!

Read more about Kim Kardashian’s skincare problems…

“Oh, I’ve gotten full acne, like full bouts of it,” Kim admitted in an interview with Refinery29. The superstar hides breakouts “really well under makeup,” but she isn’t shy about discussing it.

Kim added, “I think if people saw it they’d be really shocked to know that I had that experience.”

In regards to her skin, she explained that it’s seemingly gotten “really sensitive” as she’s aged. “It’s been really interesting to try new products and figure out what works for different skin that I never thought I would experience in my 40s,” she continued.

On the topic of her FYP on TikTok, Kim said that she saw a lot of hair types “for my kids.”

If you missed it, she recently opened up about what drives her.

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