Kim Zolciak Wants Divorce Axed, ‘Still Has Sex’ With Kroy

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is asking for her divorce to be called off with her husband, Kroy Biermann, claiming the two stars are still banging regularly.

Biermann, a former NFL star, has filed for divorce twice, most recently on August 24, claiming Zoliack’s gambling problems have led them to financial ruin, but Zolciak says the divorce isn’t happening.

Kim Zolciak Dismisses Divorce


According to documents obtained by The Blast, contrary to the claims made in the Petition for Divorce, “the parties have engaged in marital sexual relations on multiple occasions since the filing of the Petition for Divorce and most recently on or about September 7, 2023.”

“The allegation of an irretrievably broken marriage is demonstrably false if the parties have resumed cohabitation or have reconciled for any period,” the documents state. “The very fact of cohabitation or reconciliation shows that some possibility remains that the marriage is viable…the parties are required to affirm once again that the marriage is indeed irretrievably broken by the bringing of a new complaint.”

The fact that “marital relations between the parties occurred up until and then continued after the filing of the Petition, and after Respondent was personally served with the Petition, demonstrates that the marriage is, or was at some point viable after the filing of the Petition proving that the allegations of the marriage being irretrievably
broken are demonstrably false,” the documents continued.

The legal docs also state that the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wants the divorce petition dismissed because it is “based upon the parties’ lack of bona fide separation at the time of the filing and after the filing of the Petition.”

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Kim Zolciak Admits She Is Back With Husband


Just weeks ago, reports suggested that the reality television star had moved out of their $3 million Georgia home after Biermann filed for divorce for the second time amid their “serious financial” troubles, per the Daily Mail. However, she claims their relationship is far from over, as she said they’ve “been working on their marriage” and “living as husband and wife.”

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Kim Zolciak announced her reconciliation with her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, declaring they are again “living as husband and wife” in their $3 million Georgia home.

The retired NFL linebacker recently filed for divorce from the reality TV star amid reported financial difficulties. Per our previous report, “His filing at the time seemed to point to the fact that they were indeed working on their relationship after they withdrew their initial filing for divorce in July.”

Biermann, who shares four minor children with Zolciak, filed for primary custody and requested “exclusive” use of their $3 million Georgia mansion, per The Blast. According to court documents, he noted their 12-year union was “irretrievably broken,” demanding “exclusive, temporary, and permanent use and possession of the marital residence” in Alpharetta.

“Petitioner (Biermann) shows that Respondent (Zolciak) should be restrained and enjoined from coming about the marital residence after she vacates,” court documents read.

What will be next for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and former NFL player? Who knows…

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