Kylie Jenner Posts, Then Deletes Support For Israel As Death Toll Tops 600

Kylie Jenner apparently can’t take the heat for supporting Israel, because she posted her support for the country that just endured a 9/11-type terrorist attack, but after some people criticized her she 86’d the post.

Jenner shared a post, “Now and always we stand with the people of Israel SHARE if you stand with the people of Israel as they face one of the most frightening situations in many years. Thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israelis, hundreds of civilians have been injured and more than 300 murdered, terrorists have infiltrated Israel from Gaza, and there are unconfirmed reports that IDF soldiers have been kidnapped and taken into Gaza.”

Some of Jenner’s followers started populating her Instagram with photos of Palestinian flags and urged others to unfollow her. Apparently, that was enough for Kylie, because the post was nowhere to be seen on her account an hour later.

Other celebs are standing strong in their support for Israel, including Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Amy Schumer and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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There is a full-blown war now, with Hezbollah firing missiles at Israel from Lebanon.

Israel has vowed revenge and is already bombing parts of Gaza. It’s problematic for the Israelis … there are dozens of Israeli hostages who are now in Gaza, and Hamas is using them as human shields to thwart a counterattack.

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