‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Shares ‘6 Things To Remember’ Ahead Of Season 5


“Love Is Blind” season 2 contestant Nick Thompson has a few things that he wants his followers to know before they watch season 5 of the hit Netflix reality dating show.

The self-proclaimed mental health advocate has started the Unscripted Cast Advocacy Network (UCAN) with former cast member Jeremy Hartwell to “provide mental health and legal support to past, current, and future reality TV cast members.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Contestant Nick Thompson Shares ‘6 Things To Remember’ Ahead Of Season 5

Instagram | Nick Thompson

With season 5 of “Love Is Blind” about to drop on Netflix any day now, Nick took to Instagram through his own Instagram account and the UCAN Foundation account in order to share six things that he wants his followers to remember before watching the latest season, which seems ready to be even more meme-worthy than in the past.

“Here are 6 things I want you to remember while watching Love is Blind S5,” he wrote in the caption, listing “Cast members are human beings first” as the first thing that he wants fans to remember. He went on to say, “Be kind to them on social media and in real life. A switch flips, and overnight your entire life changes. It’s awkward, scary, and challenging to navigate. Show some grace for any missteps.”

He also warned that “Episodes should be viewed for entertainment purposes only,” adding, “One of the most important things to remember is you are seeing content that can be edited, manipulated, and presented in any way for storyline purposes. Every season has a villain for a reason… because it’s presented that way.”

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Nick Claims That Everyone Is ‘Stressed’ And ‘Sleep Deprived’

Instagram | Nick Thompson

Nick also went on to assert allegations from Jeremy’s lawsuit against Netflix, claiming that “Everyone is stressed, sleep deprived, and out of their normal comfort zone.” While it’s true that all of the contestants are out of their day-to-day routine in the pods, Nick and Jeremy have also alleged that they were deprived of food and water while filming.

“The stress from having your schedule disrupted and lack of sleep during production put extreme pressure on your body and mind, which can cause erratic behavior. I am not excusing bad behavior, but try not to jump to show compassion,” Nick wrote before he went on to note that “It’s likely their mental health has taken a hit.”

It’s not clear if he is addressing fans of the show or “Love Is Blind” contestants for this one, as he wrote, “If you have a therapist and find time, you can see or talk to them. During the pods, you are isolated from friends and family and must rely on producers or castmates for support when making life-altering decisions that will be broadcasted to the world.”

Instagram | Nick Thompson

He continued to write, “Filming is a constant pressure cooker of life-altering decisions,” before listing questions such as “Am I going to get along with my castmates? Am I going to like anyone on the other side? Am I going to fall in love? Am I going to get engaged? Are we going to be physically attracted to each other? Are we going to be sexually compatible? Can we successfully live together?”

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“How will we connect with family and friends? Are we going to get married? What happens when the show drops? How is my life going to change?” he continued. “The pressure cooker continues in different ways for couples and individuals.”

Nick Thompson Reminds Fans That ‘Thousands of Hours and Context’ May Be Left Out Of The Show’

Instagram | Nick Thompson

The last thing that he noted was that fans of the show are “only seeing a small and curated time in their lives,” adding, “There’s more to every story than what you see on reality shows. Thousands of hours and context get left on the cutting room floor. Keep that in [mind].”

Nick was quick to disable comments on his Instagram post, although he did add hashtags that not only included “Love Is Blind,” but “The Ultimatum” as well. He also added a hashtag for the SAG-AFTRA and writer’s strike, as well as the “Love Is Blind” lawsuit.

In August, Nick claimed that he was facing homelessness, alleging that he could not find a job after the allegations that he made against Netflix since appearing on the show in season 2.

Nick’s full Instagram video can be viewed below:

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