‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5: Are Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder Still Together?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the first nine episodes of season 5 of Love Is Blind, proceed with caution.

It’s crunch time on Love Is Blind with just two couples left in the running for potential marriage. But with either of them say “I do”? On Friday, Netflix dropped a new installment of season 5 episodes, and the drama just keeps on coming. 

Though Izzy Zapata’s connection with Stacy Snyder might have been overshadowed by other romances initially, the two dove in head first in Mexico and seemed to be all in. But the romance wasn’t without its hiccups. 


Stacy isn’t impressed by Izzy’s apartment, which features a lost and found drawer that includes mementos left behind by past girlfriends and hookups. 

Stacy’s family, especially her dad, also seem concerned with Izzy’s financial situation as Izzy admits that he just changed career paths. 

“Sometimes love wants to fly first class,” he told Izzy. 

And in the new batch of episodes, finances once again seem to be a sticking point for the couple. Despite calling Izzy her “calm in the storm” during a romantic dinner, Stacy is much less pleased with him during a scene in their apartment where it seems that Izzy wasn’t completely forthcoming about his financial situation. 

Noting that he had “bad credit” and claiming that he didn’t owe a lot of money, Izzy says he avoided telling Stacy the real reason he didn’t have a credit card during a gas station exchange because he wanted to have a serious talk about it, not just make a quick comment in the moment. But Stacy is understandably concerned about her fiancé withholding important financial information from her. 

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We know the pair make it to the altar based on teaser footage, but do they say their “I dos”? The cast of Love Is Blind is known for wiping their socials to keep things spoiler-free until the wedding episodes air. Both Izzy and Stacy are following each other on Instagram, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re still together. 

What is more telling is the fact that two of Stacy’s close friends, who are tagged in her photos, are also following Izzy and he is following them back. However, Izzy has been posting lots of pics of himself with other women on social media recently, so the jury’s out on exactly how friendly he is online. 

They two have at the very least remained friendly. Season 5 of Love Is Blind was filmed in early 2022, so if they are still together, the couple has been keeping this secret for more than a year. 

New episodes of Love Is Blind stream Fridays on Netflix. 


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