Meghan Markle has no idea what’s expected by King Charles


Meghan Markle has no idea what’s expected by King Charles

Meghan Markle has just been branded one difficult woman the royal family never learned how to deal with.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser issued these claims about the Sussexes.

All of this has been brought to light in a piece for

Ms Elser started the entire converastion off by saying, “all I can think is, in the intervening decades between the Princess of Wales’ death and the arrival of one Meghan Markle and her yoga mat in the Kensington Palace forecourt, the institution seems to have learnt absolutely and utterly nothing.”

This is because “in fact, after a millennium plus of there being an English (and later British) monarchy, they still have no idea about what to do with ‘difficult’ women.”

One of the biggest similarities between the People’s Princess and Kate Middleton is the fact that “Both Diana and Meghan, unlike Kate, The Princess of Wales, married their princes after only relatively short relationships and with scant idea of what they were in for beyond getting note paper with a royal cypher slapped all over it and some vague notion of having to turn up for Trooping the Colour.”

In the eyes of Ms Elser, “they were expected to toe lines, wave on demand and not challenge the status quo that had been in place since before the advent of the zipper.”

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