Meghan Markle’s bid for US politics is ‘all wrong’

Meghan Markle’s odds of entry into US politics are marred by her royal title, Duchess of Sussex

Experts think Meghan Markle’s bid for US politics would be all “wrong” if she doesn’t drop her royal title of Duchess of Sussex. 

Commenting on the same, Nile Gardiner director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, demanded that Meghan drop her royal title if she is to enter US politics.

The foreign policy expert told Newsweek: “It’s wrong for the Duchess of Sussex to be engaging in US political activity. She’s a member of the royal family, she has a royal title.”

He further added that if Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, doesn’t give up her title, then the Royal Family should strip it.

“She’s not a working royal but she carries the title Duchess of Sussex, and in my view, if she starts campaigning politically she should relinquish that title or it should be removed by the Royal Family.”

He predicted: “Definitely the calls for the removal of her title will be accelerated if she decides to start campaigning for Joe Biden or Congressional candidates.”

“She should not be engaging in any political activity as a royal,” he asserted. 

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