Montenegro Tourism Minister Resigns


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Goran Djurovic, Montenegro Minister for Economic Development and Tourism, said today, Wednesday, October 18, 2023,  that he has resigned from his position for personal reasons.

He posted on X social media today:

“Today, I submitted my resignation as Minister of MERT to Prime Minister Dritan Abazović for purely personal reasons that have nothing to do with government policy and political events.

“Grateful to my friend Dritan for his trust and to my colleagues for correct cooperation. Big thanks to the economy.”

In subsequent posts, some in reply to others, Djurovic said:

“I wish this government, and others that will come, success in working for the benefit of all our citizens.

“It is important to me that you are well and that there will be professional staff.

“Thank you to all my comrades from URE. We have done a lot in such a short time. We continue clearly, loudly and constructively.

“Montenegro is eternal for us.”

Goran Đuroviv is a politician and businessman who has been serving as the Tourism Minister since April 2022.  He is also vice president of the United Reform Action (URA) and the executive director of the Cerovo company.

Goran is well known for his humanitarian and philanthropic activities.

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