My new favorite desk charger for all my Apple devices is $50 off right now

Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C 3-port MagSafe charging station

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

I’ve noticed something about my charger usage. It’s rare that I’m charging more than a couple of things on it, and I’m pretty good at having a charging routine which means that my devices are more in need of a top-up in the day than a full-blown recharge. So while it’s awesome to have a super-powerful charger, sometimes something a little smaller makes more sense.

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One of my favorite accessory makers is Ugreen, and the company has yet another awesome charger, this time in the form of a 100W USB-C charger with MagSafe, and even a USB-A port for all your legacy stuff.. 


Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C 3-port MagSafe charging station

Supports 100W max output at single port on USB-C port which can charge a MacBook Pro M2 from 0% to 51% in just 30 minutes. It also features a high-speed 15W MagSafe charger for the iPhone.

Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C 3-port MagSafe charging station tech specs

Technology: Gallium nitrideTotal ports: 2 x USB-C & 1x USB-AInput: 100-240V~50/60Hz 1.8A MaxCharge protocol:
USB-C: PD3.0, PPS, QC4+(QC4.0/QC3.0), SCP (10V2.25A), FCP,  AFC, APPLE 5V2.4A, BC1.2
USB-A: SCP (10V2.25A), QC3.0, FCP, AFC, APPLE 5V2.4A, BC1.2
Magsafe: 15W, QI 5W/7.5WDimensions: 92 x 60 x 60 mm Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

This is a 100W charger, which means that the maximum output the unit is capable of is 100W. 

Use one of the USB-C ports on its own and it will push out the full 100W, while the USB-A port can handle 22.5W, and the MagSafe 15W. Start using multiple ports, and the power per port will go down. 

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For example, using all three ports and the MagSafe wireless pad, you will get 45W out of one USB-C port, 25W out of another, 10W out of the USB-A, and 15W out of the MagSafe pad.

I’ve tested this charger under a whole raft of different loads for sustained periods, and it has no problems delivering the stated outputs.

And on the subject of that MagSafe charging pad, this tilts through 65 degrees to allow the iPhone to be at a good viewing angle. The hinge is strong enough to hold it at the angle you choose, and the magnets in the MagSafe head hold the handset securely.

The tiltable MagSafe charging pad holds the iPhone securely.


Another worry with high-power output chargers is heat. I had this running at full capacity using both single and multiple ports and it remained cool and stable throughout, thanks to the more efficient gallium nitride technology and a design that effectively dissipates the heat.

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The Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C 3-port MagSafe charging station is a very solid, well-designed bit of kit. With a list price of $180, it’s certainly not cheap, but the $50 off coupon over on goes a long way to sweeten the deal!

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