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Noah Kahan is reacting to Olivia Rodrigo‘s cover of “Stick Season” and revealing which Olivia hits he would sing!

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the 26-year-old folk singer expressed his excitement about the 20-year-old pop star covering his song during her appearance at the BBC Live Lounge.

He might just be returning the favor one day.

Keep reading to find out what he said…

Needless to say, Noah was beyond thrilled to see Olivia singing his popular song.

He told Rolling Stone, “You know how you listen to those AI covers on TikTok and you’re like, ‘Oh that’d be so f-cking cool!’ And it’s like, Jesus, this is actually happening! She’s doing ‘Stick Season’!”

“The cover was f-cking awesome,” Noah continued. “When someone covers a song and tries to copy the inflections, or sing the exact same way, you’re not learning anything new about the song. And Olivia brought her own style to it, her incredible voice, her really emotive and succinct delivery.”

“It was really great. Getting to hear one of the biggest stars in the world sing your song is badass. So thank you, Olivia, it was awesome.”

When asked about which of her songs he would cover, Noah brought up tunes from both of Olivia‘s albums, Sour and Guts.

“Well, from her old album, I really love ‘Traitor,’” he said. “And then from the new album, I’ve been running around the house singing ‘Get Him Back.’ She’s such a good singer, and I have like a three-note range [laughs]. So I’d have to do one where she’s kind of delivering it in more talk-y vocals, because that’s what I could feasibly perform from a biological standpoint.”

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