Our Favorite Kids Pajamas in 2023


When my then-7-year-old son asked for “jammies like Daddy’s” (meaning, the kind of button-up, wider-leg pajama sets that my husband, who approaches bedtime with all the formality of a Downton Abbey character, favors), I had no idea what a tough request that would be to fill. After many an internet dead end, I finally landed on Petite Plume, a self-proclaimed luxury sleepwear brand that features a range of grownup styles for kiddos (size 6 months through 14 years) as well as adults. Most of the collection is made from brushed cotton in traditional patterns and prints. Think gingham, seersucker, and seasonal options, with lots of piping and optional monogramming, which could either be interpreted as delightfully precocious or just a touch obnoxious. (Our family is aiming for the former.) Yes, these feel like a splurge in every way, but that’s precisely why we love them. On that note: Petite Plume charges an extra $5 for a gift box, and it’s worth every penny. It’s ridiculously sturdy and elegant, and flipping it open feels like an event worthy of the lord of the manor. While we’ve found the regular cotton sets for kids hold up well, a flannel set a colleague ordered last holiday season shrunk dramatically in the wash.

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