Peppers Can Burn ‘No-No Place’


“Live With Kelly and Mark” co-host Mark Consuelos has a “spicy” warning for fans, admitting that habanero peppers are dangerous because someone he knows burnt their private parts on one!

The warning came on Wednesday’s “Live with Kelly and Mark” episode when the married co-hosts had a discussion about habanero peppers after the executive producer bought out a bowl of them.

TikTok Pepper Trend Gets Mark Conseulos To Confess


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were discussing the new viral TikTok trend of people rubbing hot peppers on their lips to attempt to make them appear bigger. That is when the “Riverdale” actor told Ripa not to do it because those peppers are “very dangerous”.

“Once you touch these things, and you touch something else…,” Conselous said as he pointed to several parts of his body. The 52-year-old then added that the peppers are “very irritating” and can even be “very, very dangerous.”

Ripa then added, “Yes, remember when Kyle made his guacamole and accidentally touched the spicy peppers?” to which Consuelos interrupted his wife and said, “And then he touched his no-no place!”

“That was the day the barbecue was canceled,” Ripa concluded.

Neither Conselous nor Ripa confirmed who their friend Kyle was, but we admit, we feel sorry for whoever you are!

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Talk About ‘P—-es’ On Live TV


This is not the first time the married couple has discussed private parts on live television. As The Blast previously reported, ‘Live’ co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were recently accused of being ‘too sexy’ for morning television as the two have discussed ‘penises’ on a recent live taping, but Kelly Ripa is defending her and her husband.

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“I think that when we talk about stories in general, like if we talk about them on our show, it gets attributed to us that we’re being sexy,” she said, per The Blast’s previous report.

Mark Consuelos then chimed in, saying they can’t help it if they are too “sexy” for the morning hours, to which Ripa, said that despite the recent headlines, the couple doesn’t do too many “sexy stories” on their morning talk show.

“We just can’t help it if we’re covering the news of the day … like, if we cover a story about like, ‘Naked Attraction,’ right? People said I was talking about penises,” she said. “Well, I wasn’t talking about his p—s. I was talking about other people’s penises!”

“And, we can’t help it if we’re sexy!” Consuelos added, laughing.


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And, last month, when discussing “Naked Attraction”, Kelly Ripa brought up her husband’s genitals. “I could tell you were starting to feel really good about yourself,” the mom of three said of her husband when he was watching the series. He simply smiled and did not confirm nor deny Ripa’s ‘naughty’ comments.

In the past, Ripa has opened up about Consuelos’ “really good” penis size and the two have openly discussed their sex life on live television.

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