Pete Davidson shuns city for reclusive life after crises?


Pete Davidson shuns city for reclusive life after crises?

Recently, Pete Davidson had a lot going on: a breakup with Chase Sui Wonders, a rehab stint, and reckless driving. In response, the SNL alum turned toward the woods to live a reclusive life.

Claims of this nature appeared in The U.S. Sun as an insider close to the comic claimed that the 29-year-old has shifted away from the city and instead made the woods his residence.

“He doesn’t do anything these days. He just hangs in his room and watches TV. He doesn’t come out much and doesn’t really do anything,” the source revealed.

Pete was previously diagnosed with multiple mental issues, including borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Keeping these in mind, the Suicide Squad star voluntarily checked into a mental health facility earlier this year.

However, not everything turned ugly for the star. Following Chase’s break up, the A-lister struck up a relationship with Madelyn Cline.

Not to mention, the coveted gig to host the hit sketch show Saturday Night Live also landed him.

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