Prince William can’t be taken seriously on mental health: ‘Let Meghan suffer’


Prince William can’t be taken seriously on mental health: ‘Let Meghan suffer’

Prince William allegedly has absolutely no leg to stand on, in terms of his mental health initiative.

Accusations against Prince William and Kate Middleton have been issued by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

Her statements have been shared in her piece for

In this piece she struck up a chat surrounding Meghan Markle’s revelations to Oprah, regarding her mental health.

For those unversed, in regards to a response, the Palace said at the time, “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan.”

But Ms Elser feels, “That is it, the full and only official acknowledgment that a year on from the Sussexes’ dazzling wedding the duchess was left begging the institution for help.”

She believes, “That Palace statement, today, reads like a slightly apathetic pat on the should and a ‘there, there’, which seems par for the course for a 1000-year-old outfit which has always seemed to view feelings as being suspiciously Continental and to be avoided at all costs like escargot and Princess Michael of Kent.”

“But William and Kate are a different beast entirely,” she added.

“They have ditched the traditional royal model of having patronages by the hundreds and spending their days opening every biscuit factory and Scout Hall from Hull to Hove.”

“Instead, they have strode off to establish big budget, bright-eyed charity projects of their very own, like the $95 million Earthshot Prize and The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.”

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“However, one of the Waleses’ key pillars is mental health.”

“My question is, how can their work on this be taken seriously so long as they fail to address in any way with the duchess’ mental health admissions?”

Before concluding she also blasted the Prince of Wales and added, “It would be a bit like if William was doing all of his earth-saving, climate crisis-fixing work while also simultaneously running a coal-fired power station in the backyard of their Windsor home, Adelaide Cottage.”

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