PUBG Mobile Hack iOS & Android – How to get free UC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – is a real sensation in the world of games. The main part of PUBG Mobile is “Battle Royale” mode. The idea is simple: there are island, 100 peoples, a lot of loot and of course ring that decreasing with time, that’s all you need to know about “Battle Royale”.
In this article, I will explain how to use PUBG Mobile Hack and we will talk about type of currencies in this game.

How to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

If you have this question in mind, I can help with it. For easier understanding I will recommend you to watch this video or just follow this instruction:

  1. Click on link to open PUBG Mobile Hack iOS & Android.
  2. Enter your username from PUBG Mobile.
  3. Select your type of platform – Android, iOS or Windows (TGB, Gameloop, Bluestacks emulators).
  4. Select amount of Free UC & BP, Silver Fragments (SF).
  5. Check “Anti-Ban” and “Use Proxy”.
  6. Click “Generate”.
  7. After that you need to wait when PUBG Mobile Hack sending data to PUBG Mobile servers.
  8. Then you will need to click “Verify Now”, choose any offer and complete it.

Now you need to open PUBG Mobile and your free UC, BP, SF will be in your account. So it’s very easy way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Don’t waste time and try PUBG Mobile Hack.

In PUBG Mobile exist 3 types of currency: Battle Points (BP), Unknown Coins (UC), Silver Fragments.

Battle Points (BP)

This type of currency allow you to buy Soldier’s Crates, change character appearance (face, hair, hair color),  also if you miss rewards in “Weekly Sign-In” you can buy these rewards using BP.
Recently developers added possibility to buy skins, mission cards, avatars, etc… in BP section on shop.
Battle Points can be obtained for participation in game matches and after completing tasks. Also you are receiving BP when you level up. But if you want get BP for free and without spending a lot of time you need to use our Free UC & BP PUBG Mobile Hack iOS & Android.

Unknown Coins (UC)

With UC you can buy: PUBG Lucky Crate, Classic Crate, Supply Crate, weapon skins, parachute skins, companion and of course Royale Pass.
Another way to earn Unknown Coins, if you buy Prime or Prime Plus. Prime subscription have a lot of bonuses, like: getting every day UC, vouchers every week, furthermore access to Members Shop (purchase with BP). Prime subscription cost 0.99 USD per month, Prime plus cost 9.99 USD per month. Of course you can buy UC with real money or you can get free UC with our help using PUBG Mobile Hack.

Silver Fragments (SF)

Silver Fragments can be obtained for completing game tasks and in BP Shop (1 Silver Fragment = 200 BP), but daily limit for Silver Fragments in BP Shop is 25 per day only.
With SF you can buy exclusive outfits, like: Contender Set, Scrapper’s Set, Marksman Set, also you can buy a lot of skins and cards, vouchers, avatars, even Parachute trail.

Best Tips to become pro in PUBG Mobile!

  • If you’re playing in PUBG Mobile on a small phone like an iPhone 5 or SE, you can make buttons transparent in settings.
  • At the beginning of the game you must looting crates after kill, but during last circle don’t do it, because in the small area all peoples around you will know where you are.

In that moment PUBG Mobile is the best game for iOS and Android. Our PUBG Mobile Hack will help you with free UC and other currencies, no need to spend real money, so focus on the playing game.

12 Replies to “PUBG Mobile Hack iOS & Android – How to get free UC”

  1. This is a great game to unwind after long day. I already have Diamond rank in pubg mobile.
    Now i even have a lot of skins for any weapon, car, parachute…

  2. I playing in pubg mobile all day long, but without coolass skins it’s even coller.
    I wish this cheat will work. Im living in 3rd world country, so i can’t buy UC. Can’t wait to try this hack.

  3. i was struggling to get UC for free, bcs in pubg mobile u need donate to earn UC. But with this program i made around 320k UC. Now i can buy any skin in this game.

  4. After long day at work pubg mobile calms and relaxes me down. It would be cool to play with all Skins for ak47, buggy etc.

  5. Great game, donate system not so good
    I need a lot of free UC and BP to buy battle pass.
    This pubg mobile hack helped me.

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