‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Fails To Rekindle Romance With Janelle


Kody Brown has made no headway with his plans to win back his estranged wife, Janelle Brown.

The mother-of-6 became a part of the Brown family when she entered into a spiritual wedding ceremony with Kody on January 20, 1993, marking her as his second wife. Despite subsequent marriages to Christine in March 1994 and fourth wife Robyn Brown in December 2010, Janelle and Kody’s relationship initially appeared strong within the plural marriage dynamic.

Janelle Brown Remains Unimpressed By Kody Brown’s Moves To Rekindle Their Romance

Unfortunately, the pair’s relationship faced difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic when they clashed over Kody’s stringent rules aimed at maintaining the health of their family. This didn’t bode well and Janelle subsequently announced their separation in December 2022.

As their split nears its public one-year mark, Kody has not given up on his fight to reclaim his wife, Janelle. In fact, the patriarch opted to take his former second wife out on a birthday date in an episode of “Sister Wives” in an attempt to rekindle their love.

Instagram | Janelle Brown

During the birthday celebration, which saw Kody picking Janelle up and taking her to an upscale Arizona restaurant different from the one featured throughout the series, Janelle maintained a pleasant demeanor.  Her true resolute feelings about the end of their marriage was addressed in her confessional, where she said:

“I just don’t think there’s much path forward for Kody and I. We just are different people now. He thinks differently. He’s very, very wrapped up with the children at Robyn’s house. Robyn and he think a lot alike. They want to live the same kind of life. And I’m really looking for a relationship where I’m equally considered.”

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The night seemingly got awkward for Kody after he expressed his longing for a goodnight kiss on the date — a desire that Janelle had no intention of getting into. She revealed: 

“At one point I slipped my hand into his out of habit, and I thought, ‘This feels really weird,’ and I took my hand back out of his hand. It just didn’t feel right anymore.”

The lack of interest from the reality television star seemed to shock Kody, who told his former partner, “I don’t know why we can’t reconcile. So we had a bad fight, we’ve had worse. So we’re separated, we’ve had other separations.” Not one to give in again, Janelle responded:

“You know, there just isn’t anything there anymore. There just isn’t. Our relationship has been unraveling for years.”

Prior to the birthday date, Janelle had opened up about her current “single” status, coming to terms with it, and potentially falling in love again in an episode of “Sister Wives” that aired last month. The Blast reported that she had stated: 

“I’m in this really weird place right now because I don’t want Kody back at my house, and there’s no real legal mechanism that shows we’re legally divorced, but I’m not at all interested in any other kind of relationship.”

Instagram | Janelle Brown

She had also shared that she has no interest in dating unless she gets a clear sign from God unmistakably pointing to a specific person, as if to say, “This is it, this is it, this is it.” 

Janelle Stands With Her Kids In The Midst Of Their Fight With Their Dad

In an August episode of the show, Janelle discussed the divide between some of her children and Kody. While spending time with Christine and a few of her kids, the conversation shifted to the topic of holidays.

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“Kody’s still feeling like the boys need to have a conversation with him or whatever, so we’re separate,” the 54-year-old explained of her sons, Garrison and Gabe before she confirmed her absence from the holidays with the larger family at Robyn’s house. Going further, she revealed:

“Kody feels like they owe him a big apology and some sort of conversation and stuff for being disrespectful,” calling the situation a “disagreement. I always said I pick my kids before Kody. What am I going to do, go to Robyn’s house and hang out with Robyn’s kids, and Mary, and Kody?”

Meanwhile, in his own confessional, her ex-partner clarified that he didn’t want to engage in a holiday experience without first having an opportunity to “address and resolve” any lingering issues. As he claimed:

“If something political or something about COVID or my own experience with it comes up, and we end up devolving into an angry conversation.” Adding, “That’s a stupidity that I’m not going to bring into my house for holidays.”

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