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Spirit Halloween is the most popular Halloween store in the United States and they’ve got a pretty good read on what people are into each year.

While we’re only three weeks away from Halloween night 2023, and the costume, prop and decor shop is revealing what their most popular costumes have been this year.

This spooky season, it was predicted that Barbie would be a popular costume as the Barbie movie was a worldwide phenomenon at the box office.

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In fact, several stores in the Syracuse, NY, area determined that Barbie costumes were the most sold!

Several different Barbie and Ken outfits are actually currently sold out on the SpiritHalloween.com website, including Ken’s roller-skating outfit, which Olivia Wilde was just seen wearing, Ken’s black western look, and the Weird Barbie costume.

Barbie costumes you can still purchase are the Western Barbie costume, the Barbie Gingham Dress costume, and the Barbie box and the Ken box costumes.

Children’s Barbie costumes are also popular – you can still purchase a kids’ Barbie pink jumpsuit costume, kids’ Barbie western costume and the kids’ Barbie box.

While much of the Barbie and Ken costumes are sold out online, you may still be able to purchase in store. Head to SpiritHalloween.com to find a location near you!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING for your Halloween costume this year?!

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