Suzanne Somers’ Husband Alan Says He Still ‘Feels Her Presence’ After Her Death


Suzanne Somers’ connection with her husband, Alan Hamel, is defying death. 

Hamel opened up about his late wife in a Facebook Live video on Wednesday, paying tribute to her memory and revealing that he still feels her presence in the home they shared together. 

“We were perfectly matched from the day we met 55 years ago and for the past 42 years, we have never spent even one hour apart,” Hamel said. “It was the greatest thing of my life, and I know it was the greatest thing of Suzanne’s life as well.”

Hamel went on to say that he and the Three’s Company star were “two peas in a pod” before noting somberly, “That life is over now.” 

“I still feel her presence here,” he continued. “She is somewhere. I don’t know where, I know she’s here.” 


Somers’ death was confirmed to ET in a statement from her publicist. The actress died at 5 a.m. on Oct. 15, one day before her 77th birthday, “surrounded by her loving husband Alan, her son Bruce, and her immediate family.” 

Not long after his wife’s passing, 87-year-old Hamel reflected on his belief in the existence of an afterlife. 

“I had a dream two nights ago where I looked over at her and she was looking at me, and then of course once I turned the lights on, she was no longer there,” he mused. “Was that real? I don’t know. I find as I age, I spend more time thinking about an afterlife and I believe there’s an afterlife. I’ve had a couple of experiences, personal experiences, that have really turned me on to thinking that when we go, our bodies go but our soul — whatever soul is, I guess energy — it seems to go to another place. I don’t know where that place is, but it seems to go to another place. I hope it does.” 

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As he adjusts to life as a widower, Hamel said that he copes with feelings of loneliness by retreating to the couple’s bedroom to be “by myself and with Suzanne.”

Somers’ son, Bruce Somers, also joined Hamel toward the end of the Facebook Live video and revealed his own experience that suggested her presence was still with them.

One day after the actress’ death, he explained, the family was preparing to conduct a televised interview from the home when he noticed the fireplace was running. 

“It was about 6 a.m. and I looked at Alan and I said, ‘Did you turn on the fireplace?’ and he said, ‘No,'” Bruce recalled. “We enjoy believing that mom was signaling us because that was 24 hours after she passed.” 

ET recently spoke to Hamel and Bruce, who touched on her lasting impact. 

“I think yesterday we were in a bubble, and it was it was special to all be together,” Bruce shared. “Today, the overwhelming outpouring of love from everyone is heartfelt, but it’s a whole additional wave of emotion as well.”

He continued, “Yesterday, she was just mom, and today she’s back to being Suzanne Somers in everyone’s eyes. And I appreciate that. And I appreciate everything that she’s done. She has touched so many people.”

Hamel admitted that he knew this moment would come, but he never expected that he would be the one that would have to live without his other half.

“We thought it would be me [first] because I’m 10 years older than Suzanne. And then I thought, ‘What a conundrum! If it’s me first, then she’s alone. I don’t want her to be alone,'” he said. “Over the past 42 years we have not spent even one hour apart. And my son, Bruce, refers to it as ‘functionally co-dependent,’ which I guess it was.”

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“From my point of view, they were inseparable,” Bruce chimed in. “Alan is very private, doesn’t want to be a public person. My mother loved being in the public, and so he protected her.”

In the statement confirming Suzanne’s death, her publicist explained that the actress “survived an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years” before her death.

“She had cancer every decade from her twenties. I know that because I was with her,” Alan said, detailing the different forms of cancer that Suzanne had battled and overcome throughout her life. “She fought and fought and fought, and used every possible kind of healthcare… whatever was right. And it looked like she was going to make it. And then it just overwhelmed her.”


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