Testing the best robot vacuums for pet hair in 2023

How we tested

All the robot vacuum cleaners featured in this review have been tested over a period of weeks by a member of our team. (Previously, we tested the Roborock S7+ and the Neato BotVac D8 but decided not to include them in our most recent update.) After conducting extensive hands-on cleaning tests, we’ve found that the best robot vacuums for pet hair offer two key features: self-emptying and superior carpet cleaning.

Self-emptying is helpful because of the amount of debris created by shedding pets. And because pet hair often sticks on top of and inside carpet fibers, the top robot vacuums for carpets also excel at cleaning pet hair. We also found that suction power is a major factor in pet hair cleaning, which is why vacuums such as the Roomba j7+, Roomba s9+, and Roborock S8+ performed so well in this category.

Over the years, the Mashable team has tested dozens of robot vacuums, including flagship models from iRobot, Roborock, Ecovacs, and Shark. Unfortunately, not all of these robovacs were up to the challenge of cleaning up pet hair.

When testing robot vacuums, we consider a number of factors:

Overall suction power

Bang for your buck value

Special features such as mopping or self-cleaning

Carpet detection and cleaning

Battery life

Room mapping and obstacle avoidance

Brush roll performance

Pet hair cleaning capabilities

For obvious reasons, when searching for the best robotic vacuum for pet hair in particular, the latter feature is the most crucial. When selecting the products to include in this review, we gave special consideration to how efficiently the vacuum cleaned up human, cat, and dog hair on hardwood, carpets, and along edges and corners. We looked for vacuum cleaners that could easily remove hairballs hiding in corners as well as stuck-on hair hiding in area rugs and floor mats.

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With all of this in mind, we selected six vacuums to recommend to pet parents. Because we are always testing new robot vacuums, we will continue to update this guide as we find new models worth including.

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