The 3 Best Cat Litter Mats of 2023


Our pick

This mat traps tiny litter particles well, comes in multiple sizes and colors, and is comfortable for most cats to use. But it’s hard to clean off liquid or gunky messes.

The Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Trapping Mat traps fine-grain scattered litter well, and it’s more comfortable for cat paws than most other mats we tested. It also comes in over a dozen colors and seven sizes, so you can easily find a mat that matches your litter box size and personal style. Note, though, that due to the mat’s tight coils, cleaning gunky stuff is tougher than with most other mats we tested. So skip this one if your cat has a tendency to make a big mess outside the box.

Also great

This silicone mat is easy to clean (which is handy if you have animals with gastro issues), but it doesn’t trap litter particularly well.

If you’re less concerned about litter scatter and more about sticky messes (like vomit or diarrhea), opt for the PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat. This one is made of silicone, so it’s easy to wipe clean, and raised lines along the mat help reduce litter scatter a bit. But there’s nothing to trap litter, so this mat is noticeably worse at that function than others (though it’s still better than nothing).

Also great

This dual-layer mat hides litter scatter in a lower chamber, out of sight. But it’s harder to clean liquid messes out of its honeycomb top layer.

The pricier iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat is the best at hiding litter scatter. This mat has a dual-layer design, so it traps both coarse and fine litter better than the Gorilla Grip mat, hiding the granules in the bottom layer. And the iPrimio opens like a book for cleaning. Just avoid this mat if your cat tends to have an upset stomach or pees outside the box: Gunk tends to hide in the honeycomb-shaped holes, and the manufacturer warns that the fabric piping can lock in sour odors.

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