The Benefit Of Traveling With Your Amazon Fire TV Stick


Because a Fire TV Stick is a completely self-contained device, it doesn’t actually need your home TV to function. After all, all of the data on your Fire Stick, including your downloaded streaming apps and saved account credentials, are stored on the Stick itself. All it needs is a TV to act as a medium, and it can do its business as usual.¬†

Since most hotels these days feature digital, flat-screen TVs, that means there’s probably an HDMI port on the TV in your hotel room somewhere. Just plug your Fire Stick into that port, plus a power outlet, and you’re off to the races, same as when you’re at home.

Unlike logging into a hotel’s smart TV, using your own Fire Stick to watch content keeps all of your login credentials isolated, leaving no trace of your accounts or streaming usage on the hotel room TV. Plus, since it’s your Fire Stick, it’s already got all of your preferences loaded up, so you shouldn’t need to do any particular tinkering to get the same kind of viewing you enjoy at home.

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